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  Welcomes to 2 improve my,learn to gain better brain memory and gain mental health. If you are still on this site, then you must be interested. Improving memory is a great choice to choose, but it is very challenging, but will be worth it in the end. So if you are interested in memory improvement, then follow my site tips and read on.

  I created this site, because there are millions of people around the world with brain memory problems and I just thought that my idea will be a little helpful. This site is still growing site. This is not even the half of information being flow here. There will be so much more.

  For some of you who think losing brain memory is not bad, you will regret that saying when you get older, that why it's important to start caring about it now.

  You want to have a mind like Einstein and Newton. You want to ace your tests with ease. You also want to remember your shopping list in seconds. Well let’s continue to check out more on this site out Here a list of section to start you out:

Vitamins for the brain

  People need vitamins; you can’t learn without them, learn more about gaining a more healthier mind.

Better brain

  Improving your brain without out doing a lot of training, read more about it

Free brain games

  Want to give your brain a challenge, and then check out some free brain games or teaser

Improving brain by fighting against brain disease

  Keep your brain safe from bad disease like Alzheimer's disease, check out more

Learning Tips

  Wanted to study like a pro; check out my tips

Improving memory with hypnosis

  Hey did you know hypnosis improve memory, sound interesting, check it out

  Don’t just stop here, check out the whole site for more information


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Memory Improvement Blog
Improve your memory, daily and weekly updates.Learn ways to improve self.
Types of Memory
What is the types of memory, how long-term memory affect your life. short-term memory examples. Who wants eidetic memory?
Learning hypnosis
Learning hypnosis, also learn some self hypnosis. Gain some knowledge of history in hypnotherapy. Understand what its take to learn neuro linguistic programming, and learn Ericksonian Hypnosis.
Mindful Meditation
Learn what is mindful meditation? Get some free meditation music. Need help, try guided meditation. Make your day go by, read some meditation quotes,
subliminal messages
Gain better memory with subliminal messages. Learn some subliminal training. Check out subliminal message software, and subliminal cds
Use mnemonics to improve memory. Learn to created brain images, memories song, and acronym
self improvement ideas
self improvement ideas workshop and get self help advices
Memory Vitamins
Learn about what memory vitamins you need to improve memory. What vitamins for memory is good? There are a number of vitamins proven to improve memory, including Vitamins A, C and E, and Vitamins B1
Herbs for Memory
Do you know your herbs for memory? What can brahmi and ginkgo biloba do for your mind? How can bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea improve your memory and reasoning skills?
Memory Supplements
What is Memory Supplements? What can the supplement guarana do? How can L-theanine overcome physical and mental stress
Alzheimer's Disease
What is Alzheimer's Disease, What are the Alzheimer’s symptoms, Where can you find Alzheimer’s treatment ?, What are some Alzheimer’s prevention technique?
Parkinson's Disease
What is Parkinson's Disease? Learn the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Find out the cause of Parkinson’s disease.
adhd facts
Learn some adhd facts
brain exercises
Learn some brain exercises. Master your left brain and right brain. Also learn a new technique such as accelerated learning
brain games
Play some brain games. There are many brain training games to choose from
memory tool
There are ways to support your memory problems with memory tool. These tools already exist, but nobody bother using them to support their memory problem like a notepad or a recorder
free study guide
Try out my free study guide
integrated learning environment
How to create an integrated learning environment for you to study. How to improve your environment organization?
positive thinking day
How to have a good positive thinking day? Also learn about different kinds of negative people.
Ways to improve memory the bad way
100 ways to improve memory
hypnosis article 1
Heys guy I have two new articles added to my site, one is Ericksonian Hypnosis and the other Neuro linguistic programming
Ericksonian Hypnosis
What is Ericksonian Hypnosis and how Ericksonian Hypnosis history develop.
neuro programming
Learn how neuro programming or neuro linguistic programming start. Learn how it work and how it could make your life better .
Learn about l-theanine and what is l-theanine
supplement guarana
Learn about supplement guarana, understand what are guarana benefits, and what guarana is?
rhodiola rosea
What is rhodiola rosea and where can you find rhodiola rosea root?
What's brahmi and learn about brahmi benefits
left brain
Learn what your left brain could do and learn some left brain functions
right brain
Learn about the right brain and what is the right brain functions
human computer interaction
Dicussing human computer interaction. Dicussing humans vs. computers
online word games
Try out some online word games. There are many free word games to choose from.
free strategy games
Play free strategy games. There are many online strategy games to choose from.
b 12 vitamin
Learn about b 12 vitamin. Learn what is vitamin b12 overdose. What are the vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms
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facts about vitamin e
Learn some facts about vitamin e. Know how to avoid vitamin e overdose and avoid vitamin e deficiency symptoms. What is vitamin e ?
facts about vitamin a
Learn some facts about vitamin a. Know how to avoid vitamin a overdose and avoid vitamin a deficiency symptoms. What is vitamin a ?
vitamin b1
Learn some facts about vitamin b1. Know how to avoid vitamin b1 overdose.
vitamin b9
What vitamin b9? What are some vitamin b9 food?
facts on vitamin c
Learn some facts on vitamin c. Know how to avoid vitamin c overdose and avoid vitamin c deficiency symptoms. What is vitamin e ?
vitamin b6
What is vitamin b6 and what are the side effects of vitamin b6 overdose?
Game Info
Letting you know game info on this page.
meditation room design
What is best meditation room design for your environmet
Contribute to Brain Memory
Would you like to share your knowledge about brain memory? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.