Rhodiola Rosea

What's Rhodiola Rosea Herbs

  What makes Rhodiola Rosea so special? It's a tool or herb use to improve memory, and also improve concentration, increase attention span, reduce anxiety, and decrease depression. It is also found in the adaptogenic family of herbal remedies. An adaptogen is substance that help you maintain yours physical or mental focus and activity while being stressful condition. This herb is found in Central Asia, the Arctic, and most mountains of Europe. When you take this herb, yours physical and mental exhaustion also decrease. You are much more aware and energize.

  This herb also act like a shield toward stress and enhance your mood. When decrease stress, you increase your chance of remembering things. This herb also protect your nervous system from oxidative damage that come from free radicals. It also has the ability to stabilize the body without interrupting it functions. This herb is also a great tool to improve your immune system.

  This herb is so supportive that it was taken by the military and athletes, and was used as an anti-aging remedy. There were some research in Russia and Germany, say that this herb was beneficial in these following area.

  • Use as a resistance to declining in work performance and sleep difficulties, poor appetite
  • Increase attention span
  • Increase work productivity
  • Shorten recovery time in intense exercise
  • Influences the synthesis of ATP
  • Helps with sexual function and resistance to different kinds of menopausal disorder

How should you take this herb?

  If you are intending to take this herb, you should take 100 to 300mg a day. Make sure that you don't take this mind improvement herb too close to bedtime because it activates pretty fast when it just entering the body. Rhodiola is also available as a tablets, drops, and teas.

  Daily dosage of the tea version of this herb will be two cups a day.

What are the side-effect of this herb?

  While it actually has no side-effects or very little. Here are a few side-effects such as insomnia and strange dreams. That why it is safe to take these earlier out the day. It could also increase heart rate. For people with bipolar disorder might enter a manic state.

Does this herb interact with prescription drugs?

  Its react to some drugs such as SSRIs, or SNRIs, which results in drowsiness.

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