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Why Learning Hypnosis Is Good for You?

  “Follow my finger and listen to my words,” so goes the usual first words of a hypnotist to his subject. Hypnosis is something many people find interesting—it seems like a fun trick to learn or a cool way to entertain people. But did you know that hypnosis actually has more value than that? Research shows that learning hypnosis is in fact a good way to improve one’s memory. This article aims to tell you all about how and why this is so.

  According to several studies, learning hypnosis can help enhance a person’s memory through the use of certain meditation as well as visualization techniques. Because hypnosis gets through to your subconscious, the things you can do are limitless. Neuro Linguistic Programming, for instance, can be achieved easily. But aside from this, there are other things that hypnosis can do which leads to better memory.

  For instance, hypnosis also increases the size of your brain by growing new and healthy cells. These thicken the part of the brain that is associated with cognition, attention and memory. By turning to the right resources and getting the right instructions, there’s no reason why your brain can’t have a super memory powerhouse it can turn on just like that—like an easy flip of a light switch.

  Several studies that have been conducted on the matter showed that hypnosis, which actually entails concentration, is beneficial in the improvement of the brain past the determined developmental age. This proves to be a revolutionary discovery, given the earlier notion that the brain is a fixed organ, growing only until a certain time and no more. Many years of tests have proven what skeptics can no longer deny: that thought alone can increase cortical thickness and overall brain size. Imagine what hypnosis can do!

  The best way to use hypnosis to enhance your memory is to perform self hypnosis. You don’t have to enroll in an expensive and time-consuming hypnosis class just to get it right; self-hypnosis is known to be a very easy technique that anyone—even new students like you—can learn within minutes. However, it is best to have someone accompany you through the entire session so you can have guidance and your brain can be directed to the desired goal. Of course, if you think you have the determination, then there’s no reason why you can’t try this on your own.

  The first step is to find a place that’s quiet. Breathe in and out for about five to 10 minutes, taking care to relax every muscle and feel every breath. Doing this is enough to help condition your mind and tap the part of the brain responsible for memory. Afterward, try to imagine a machine that supplies all your memories. Every time a memory of yours goes into this machine, it is processed immediately and then kept somewhere that can be accessed without difficulty. Continue visualizing this machine for about five or 10 minutes more.

  Learning self-hypnosis will entail more complicated and deeper techniques, such as Ericksonian Hypnosis, as you go along. For now, perform the basics for a few minutes every day and feel your memory receiving a much-needed boost.

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