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  At a certain point in time, every student is bound to try memory supplements in order to help them gain more knowledge in class, perform better on tests, and of course, get the girls. Yes, admit the fact that even you have tried it. Well, the question at hand still baffles all those who have tried them, including you: “How can these things help me perform better?”

  First and foremost, what are memory supplements? You have heard them countless times on the television, waiting for customers to purchase their product. These kinds of products actually contain many vitamins and chemicals that are proven to keep your mind sharp and alert throughout the duration equivalent of the dosage. Teas, pills, juices, tablets, powders, and many more have all been used by these manufacturers in order to deliver the nutrients needed to power up your dull day. And out of all those compounds and chemicals, only a few have stood out above the rest.

  Hidden deep within the jungles of Brazil are the prized fruits of the guarana tree. The seeds of these fruits have been revered to be extra strong in keeping people awake and attentive. To make use of these seeds, manufacturers must peel, dry, roast and ground the seeds, and then they are eventually made into beverages for people to enjoy. The supplement guarana herbs produce have high concentrations of xanthines. Think caffeine. And caffeine, like in coffee, has been known as a potent central nervous system stimulant that can promote respiration, increase heart rate, and concentrate blood flow on the vital organs of the body like the heart and lungs. Another effect is the blockage of adenosine receptors. When caffeine binds to these receptors, adenosine is blocked out, in order to cancel out the sleepy effects of adenosine when it comes into contact with nerve cells. Not only that, but guarana extracts have also been proven to break down lactic acid from muscles, in order to eliminate fatigue and the weary effects of stress.

  Aside from the guarana fruit, L-theanine has also showed some promise. L-theanine can be found in a drink that the Japanese have always promoted: green tea. This very profitable beverage has been considered a fad around 2009, and little do people know about its memory enhancing effects. For a memory supplement, L-theanine is a compound that definitively reduces subjective sensations of physical and mental stress. When paired with caffeine, its effect on a person’s cognitive performance is significantly increased. These effects show why green tea is commonly marketed as beverage that refreshes and relaxes. In lieu of other effects of L-theanine, the said compound has had also a profound effect on the body’s immune system. T-cells, known as one of the immune system fighters of the body, have been shown to be significantly stronger in people who regularly drink green tea. For a fad, green tea has actually become a very helpful product to improve health.

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