Supplement Guarana

What Guarana Is?

   What is this supplement Guarana? It was plant found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Venezuela. It a pretty small plant with some small black seed inside it. Those black seeds are the sources that have lots of Guarana caffeine in it. Guarana could be made in many forms like a supplement, an energy drink, or tea.

What is Guarana is used for?

   It is used for many purposes like gaining energy, using it for diets, mental improvement, and more. Guarana has much more caffeine than coffee, a single serving of Guarana is 350mg of caffeine and single serving of coffee is 65-130mg. It also boost energy unlike coffee. Guarana also improve your metabolism and help you lose weight faster. This supplement Guarana also help you control your appetite; causing you not to be hunger. I know this sound funny, but it could cure gas and cure diarrhea.

   I guess I was talking too much about the other things this supplement could do and forgot about the main reason why I brought this item up because it also improves memory. It also could improve your alertness and improve your mood. Will you believe that it also acts as an anti-depressant? Yes, it a good stress reliever tool.

What is the dosage for this supplement?

   You could take 800mgs to 1gms daily, but people go over. If you are one of those people, please don't go over 3 gms.

Okay, Okay, too good to be true, Whats the side-effects?

The side-effect is that you enter a stage of insomnia, which is understandable because most caffeine substance do that.

   You also could go through anxiety and suffer trembling problems. You also will urinate more often. Those with heart problems should not take this supplement.


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