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   When you sit down and do your 25 problems math homework, that is an example of brain exercises. Brain exercises is the same as working out with your regular muscles, but in a different way. The brain is a muscle that gets stronger without even using weights. So how does it get stronger? The brain has many ways to get stronger like playing brain games like Scrabble, Sudoku, or Chess. The brain also get stronger by giving it challenges that the brain never did before. Lets go a little deeper in this brain of ours.

   The brain have two sides, one side is the left side and other side is the right side, sound simple huh. So lets talk about the left side, the left side of the brain is part that does all logical stuff like math and sciences. People with a left side of brain stronger than the right are usually very good at using rules and applying them to life. For example a left brain person will learn most of the equation of a math class with no problem and use them very well. So a left side brain person is usually good at finding answer to problems that happens many time.

   The other side is the right, this side is good at making up things or being creative. The people with a right of brain stronger than the left are usually artist, programmers, and writers. Sometimes right side brain people don't follow rules that are already here. For example they will do a math problem and then make up their math equation or algebraic equation. A right side brain usually are good at finding answer to problems that never happens before. A good way to describe left side brain is a person who follows the rules and a good way to describe right side brain is a person who doesn't follow it rules, but create their own.

   Now you know about both sides of the brain, lets look at some of the brain exercises that help both sides of the brain. A game or brain exercises for the right side of the brain is jigsaw puzzle. Games like jigsaw puzzles are great games for the brain because it unlocks your creativity. In order to master the jigsaw puzzles you must have imagination. Imagination is what the right right brain master. Another game for the right side brain will be scrabble because scrabble is a game that have a lot of creativity. In scrabble you have a certain amount of tiles with a letter on it. With those letters, you must make a word. You could make any word, but it has to be a real word.

   Left brain games or brain exercises made not be as creative as the right side of the brain, but its fun. A great game for the left side of the brain is crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles deal with a lot of logic and reasoning, and don't need that much creativity to finish a crossword puzzles. You do need to know some words before doing a crossword because if you don't know words, it impossible to master the crossword puzzles. Math problems is another activity for the left side brain because you need to know logic and reasoning in it too. To understand math problems you must know some math equation. You can't find the velocity of a car without knowing its equation first.

   A great brain exercise or program for the brain will be accelerated learning. What is accelerated learning? Well I am going to tell you. Accelerated learning is program that help people to learn, but with a twist. You don't sit in boring lectures classing with ugly books with thousands of page; you actually are in an excited class with motivated teacher that ready to make a pro out of you. The classroom environment is so much different from the old environment; the class has more artwork on the walls, the lighting of class is different, and seat arrangement are unique. You have teachers who understand you and spend time with you as long as you want. The ways of learning style goes from games to creative artwork of what you learn.

   There are many great exercises that support the brain, but are some things you do that destroy the brain, like watching television for a long time. If you sit there and watch television seven hours a day; you are destroying your brain. Television actually destroy your focusing and attention length. You will easy go zone out somewhere, when you are doing a test because you are still thinking about what happens on last night final episode of CSI or something.

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