Left Brain

Improve Your Left Brain

  So we have this left side guy who is not as cool as the creative right side guy, but if we don't have the left side, we can't be organized. If you don't have organization and have all these knowledge in head; you are still not going to anywhere. Believe me, it happens to me many times. So how can we describe this left side of the brain? Hmm, well it can be described as the ultimate rule follower. You could describe the left side of the brain as a teacher's pet. So you know what the left side of the brain good for how about learning ways to improve it? Here a list of ways to improve your left side of the brain:

  • Go do crossword puzzle
  • Crossword puzzles are great word games for the left side of the brain
  • Do math problems
  • Go do some science problems
  • Go use your scientific knowledge and knock out those problems

  • Go study the laws (uhh yeah)
  • That what the left brain good at; following rule right.

  • Go read a book
  • Reading books are a great way to improve your left side of your brain, especially detective books.

    I will add more to this list later.

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