Integrated Learning Environment

Keeping A Clean Learning Environment

  Can being in a dirty environment lower thinking skills or is not an integrated learning environment? In my opinion, yes. Why will I say this? Well go ask yourself this, can you study while bathing in mud? If you say yes, then you are creepy. Most people should respond no to that question, I hope. Well any way it is pretty difficult to study in a dirty or uncomfortable environment. Here a list of problems and conclusion to this situation.

  Smelly Atmosphere- Well we known that being in a smelly place is not an integrated learning environment. I can't really imagine a person sitting next to a garbage trucks and reading an autobiography of “Alexander the Great”. You can't focus, and your body definitely won't like it. Will you like to learn calculus next to a grill; and smell all that smoke, I pretty sure the answer is no. So if you try to find a place to study at, try to study at a place that don't stink. You will be surprise at how much work could be done by doing this. If the study places are limited and they all smell, bring an air freshener. Bringing an air freshener could be rude to other people, but it brings a clean air. If you don't want to do that, then put on so perfume or colon. Perfume and colon smells can sometimes out do bad smell, so basically you will be smelling your own self. Don't put so much colon and perfume because that could also be rude.

  Hard Seats- Here is another problem that cause a place to not be an integrated learning environment. The section you are planning to sit at is very important when it comes to studying. Why is that? The reason is because most people can't sit on a hard seat for hours and study, it starts to hurt. You try seating on a gym floor for an hour or two, you see what I am saying. So how can you avoid this? You could avoid this by trying to find others places to study with comfortable seats. A great place to study with great sits is the library. The library haves comfortable couches and seat for you sit on and study. If you are limited to seats to sit and the seats that are left are all uncomfortable, then you should carry a cushion with you. A cushion makes your seat very comfortable and it not nothing wrong with carry a cushion. Most people don't do it, that doesn't mean you can't do it. Once you start doing it, more likely everybody else will follow.

  Messy tables- Have you ever been to an area where tables are dirty and filthy? I pretty sure everybody have did. So how do you fix this? You could ask somebody to clean the mess up, but what if the workers are extremely busy. You could clean it up yourself, what if you are too lazy to clean it up? You could get yourself a portable lap desk or table. What is a portable lap table? It is a table where you carry around with you and use as a table. If you are planning to buy one, make sure it is fold-able, and very light. You don't want to carry some heavy table that don't fold around.

  Infested Areas- This is definitely not an integrated learning environment. It will really sucks if you go study at a places where insects and rats around. This is disgusting and very comfortable. So how can we fix this? Well unless you are going to clean the whole place, then I advise you to leave that place because that is the only way to solve this problem. I believe the best environment for you to study at is your own home because you have more control in what goes on there. If your home is dirty, then that is your fault. Well, this is all you will learn today, and I will make a part two to this soon.

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