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  1.   Stay away from video games- This is one bad ways to improve memory. From my point of view, video games could be bad and good at the same time. You just got to figure out which one is good or bad. Video games like “God of War”, “Grand Theft Auto”, or “Halo” are not mind games. They are very destructive to the mind and cause the mind to weaken. These games causes people to lose focus and not be aware of whats is going on. Believe me I have experience this. I use play to play games all the time, when I go to other places such as the store or talk to a friend I will usually zone out on the game I play today or yesterday. This is really bad and could mess up your social life, so please avoid these type of games because they are no good for you. Try to play mind games such as chess(love it), checkers, or do a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle(I don't think you want to do that).

  2.    Stay away from bad food- This is another personal experience habit and another bad ways to improve memory. I use to eat junk food all the time. Why do I eat so much junk food? The reason why is because I LOVE IT, and it also relieve stress. From my personal experience this is not a good choice to relieve stress, especially if the result is you are in more stress. At the beginner I was doing fine, I eat a couple sweets and I feel good after that. Then I started to eat two to three bags of candies a day and I couldn't stop. Later on I started losing focus and attention decrease drastically. My memory has became blurring and I started to forget friends names and everything. I started to screw up on a lot of stuff. Sugar wasn't the only thing that mess my mind up, but it did some damages. So please stay away from candies and bad food. If you have a sweet tooth, try eating fruits or nutrients bars, this is a much better choice. This advice came from my mother, so thank her, not me.

  3.    Don't overload on learning something- This is another personal experience another bad ways to improve memory. I am a learner and I love to learn something new, but it was a time I wanted to learn so much like programming, to draw, to make videos, to make cartoons, learn about nutrient, to make video games, and more. I could write a whole list about it. This causes lots of problems, and destroy me mentally and physically. I know you probably thinking “I thought learning was good, that why we go to school.” You are right and very right. Learning is key, but learning too much at a time is destruction. Its okay to learn a lot when you could handle it, but its not okay to learn a lot when it's overloading. I rush to learn so much, I forget what I learn before. This gets frustrating, you will eventually get depress and give up. The result of this is long time procrastination and I still trying fight this today. So to avoid what I done, please don't learn more than what you can and take your time.

  4.    Don't do everything at once- This is also another bad ways to improve memory. I once thought I was superman and I will do so many things at once. I will go to school, go to work, help my parent out, try to learn something on the side, find more ways to make money, take care my little brother, and pay video games(like a knuckle head). There is more to the list, but I just naming out some. This right here is probably the worse way to destroy your memory and mind. This completely destroy me. Once again my mom told me that doing too much will only destroy me, and boy she was right. I lost everything cause of this and I had a stupid stubborn mind. Doing all these things put a load of stress on me, cause me to collapse. I started to fail class and got suspended from school until spring semester. I even loss my finance aid to get to school. I loss my job because I was coming late all the time. I loss a sense a humor, I even loss my personality. There is more, but I really hate to talk about it. My mother is right once again, if I listen to my mother I will have been a better person.

  5.    Money isn't everything, but everything evil- Another personal experience and another bad ways to improve memory. I wanted to find a way to make in all ways such as online, real world, and everything. So I was thinking of making money with affiliate marketing( which is online). I gave it a try and it was difficult, and I didn't get no where. I try to make money with surveys and I couldn't get accepted to any surveys. I try to make money with pay per click, but you make less than a penny per click, what the hack is that? There were so many others ways I try and it wasn't even funny. All ways I try had fail me and it sucks. This cause me to lose a lot of mental skills and memory because I was so freaking stress out, it was ridiculous. The sad part is I kept going and I as hoping to find the light, but I never did. So if you are planing to make money online, don't put your hopes on it. Making money online is possible and you could get plenty of cash, but don't put this as the primary thing of life like I did. If you do plan to make online, wish you best of luck.

  That ends my first part of bad ways to improve memory and mind. I will make a part 2 to this later.

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