Subliminal Messages

Learn About Subliminal Messaging

  What is subliminal messages? Hmm, my definition of this self improvement technique will be a message that we normally don't see, but is there if you focus on it. This technique could come in form of images, video, words, and music. You could find them on television magazine, or advertisements. So now you know what subliminal messages are, you are probably wondering how it improves memory.

   Well here how it works, before we could figure out how to use it?; we must figure out how to hide it? In order for the hidden message to work you must hide it well enough so you are not conscious aware of it, but subconsciously aware of it. Oops, I forgot to tell you about the subconscious, the subconscious is a deeper you. Will you believe that the subconscious is 95% of the brain, so we are only using 5%. Your subconscious are much more powerful than your conscious; it could catch information that you are not consciously aware of. Now we know how we need to hide this information well enough for us to not be consciously aware, subconsciously aware of. Let go back to how to create subliminal messages.

   In order to created a these hidden message, it needs to be quick and unnoticeable by the conscious and noticeable by the subconscious. So here are some examples of making things subliminal:

  • Create flashy images

  • Create video and have unnoticeable thing the background

  • Make a song and have something else play at a low frequency.

These are some ways, there are more ways to do this.

   Now we know we know how to do this, lets do an example. Choose something you want to improve yourself in like better reading skills, learn math better or improve memory. Just to let you know we are doing this on the computer, so go find some images online and save it to your computer. Make the imagine pretty small and unnoticeable, then put it in a bigger image and save it. You should have this images as a desktop background. So in the end you should have your subliminal self-improvement imagine inside a bigger images as a desktop background. That all to it, pretty simple huh. Don't worry I will provide more example later.

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