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   Herbs for memory? , is it really all that? , well lets read on.The Chinese certainly have their charm and ways to make people believe that their products are absolutely effective. You would probably recall that herbal tea commercial that claims that it is a potent drug to enhance memory capacity. But in all honesty, are these herbs for memory truly worth every inch of their effort to bring people to believe that they’re the real deal?

  What are herbs anyway? Herbs are types of plants most especially favored for their uses in the field of medicine, culinary arts, and cultural and spiritual tradition. In medical usage, the term “herbalism,” or herbology, has been applied in order to point out the growing effectiveness of herbs and its increasing usage in the future. Phytochemicals are the underlying substances responsible for the plants’ innate healing properties. And recently in the field of medicine, some of the phytochemicals in some plants have been found to be quite effective when it comes to memory improvement.

  One of the most famous of these herbs would be the infamous ginkgo biloba. Also recognized as the maidenhair tree, this plant has been known to enhance memory capacity and concentration, and has also been hypothesized to be as effective as donezepil in Alzheimer’s palliative treatment. The apparent secret actually lies within the herb’s leaves, which contain phytochemicals like flavonoid glycosides and ginkgolides in order to help improve one’s memory. Other than its memory enhancing properties, ginkgo biloba also proves to be effective as a blood flow regulator and as an anti-vertigo remedy.

  Brahmi, also known as Baccopa monieri, is a creeping water plant that also possesses memory enhancement properties. In India, brahmi has been reportedly used to consecrate the newborn so as to ensure that they grow up smart. Brahmi contains many active compounds that have distinct antioxidant properties that were shown to be particularly helpful in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. For other medicinal purposes, brahmi is also used as an alternative treatment for epileptic seizures and asthma attacks.

  Another herb, called rhodiola rosea or roseroot, has also shown promise in the aspect of improving human memory. It is an herb that favors the cold weather conditions in Central Asia, the Arctic, and most mountains of Europe. The preferential part of this herb would be the rhizomes, as having it dried would cause most of its oils to leak out. These oils contain the necessary phytochemicals that have been particularly useful in the field of medicine. One noteworthy component, namely Rosiridol, was found to be very helpful in patients with senile dementia. Not only that, but rhodiola rosea has also been proven to be very effective in improving the condition of patients with depression. With active components and ingredients like these, rhodiola rosea has been considered quite effective in the field of psychopharmacology.

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