Learning Different Types of Mnemonic

   What is mnemonics? It is a tool or device that can be use to improve memory. The tool come in many forms like for example: brain images. What is brain images? A brain image is an image that created in your mind, the clearer the brain image the better tool it will be. Usually artist have the best brain images because they draw a lot. They are able to draw things without looking at the object or following any outline. I am not expecting you to have brain images just as well as an artist because if you do you mights as well become an artist yourself. You just need a brain image good enough for you to visualize and see what it is yourself.

   So lets get started with creating brain images, go somewhere quiet and relaxing. Find a nice and comfortable seat to sit in. Now close your eyes and visualize something simple like a burger. Go take your time, don't rush. Can you see that burger, if the burger you are seeing so good that you start to get hunger, then you are a good visualizer. If you have trouble in the beginner, don't worry practice makes perfect. You should become an expert in no time. Now how could this help improve your memory? Let say you want to remember toilet paper for a shopping list; try the burger image again and this time replace the meat in the burger with toilet paper. It a funny image?, that the point of image. The more emotional the image the better you could remember the things you need to remember. That all to it, let go to the next technique.

   The next technique is a mnemonics song. A mnemonics song could be any song going from raps to country music. I have been doing some research and I found out music are a lot easier to remember than reading plain text or listening to plain text. Music are easier to remember because it something you like and want to learn to sing or because you enjoy it. So let start making our first mnemonics music.

   Our first mnemonics music is going to be a corny rap I made, but hey it an example right. The rap is below and this rap is used to remember a shopping list of food:

Shopping list






My corny rap

Yo, I gotta get some fish (1)

to put in my dish(2)

I like to drink some milk(1)

while buying some silk(2)

I gotta get some chicken (1)

because my time is ticking(2)

When I get home I gotta to eat some grapes(1)

While I watch some home video tapes(2)

ohh man I almost forgot the peach(1)

to take with me to the beach(2)

   Sorry about the corny rap, but you get the example right. When you create a mnemonics song; make should that it rhymes, the wold you need to remember should be every first line (like my example above), and last add some emotion to it like humor or sadness. Lets stay with humor; it makes everyone happy. Now let go to our last memory improvement technique.

   The last memory skill is an acronym. An acronym is a tool you use that help you remember things easier by using the first letter of a word and putting those letters together to get another word. That word will be the key world to remember the rest of the other worlds. For example HOMES, each letter in HOMES stand for something. They are the name of the five lakes; Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Do you understand? It pretty simple, let go try another one. This one I made up, its call CAT. I use this to remember a small shopping list. The shopping contains chicken, apples, and turkey. I took the first letter in each word and made a new word, which is CAT. Now if I want to remember that shopping list, I just remember the word CAT and it will come to me. That all for today, have fun with the techniques you learn today.

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