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Working with Memory Tools

   What's a memory tool? Well if you try to guess the answer to that; you will probably say it a technique to remember memory. Well it is like a technique you use to improve memory, but it's literally a tool; a physical tool. Here are some examples of what I mean below:

   A notepad

   If you try to remember a long list of stuff; bring a notepad. If you thought of a new invention; bring a notepad. A notepad is great memory tool for yourself because sometimes the brain needs a break. It hard to remember everything. The good news about a notepad is that its small and handy; you could carry it anywhere. If it not small and handy; it's not a notepad. So if you have bad memory problems or need a tool to support your memory while you are trying to improve it; make sure you bring a notepad with you.

   A tape recorder or recorder

   Can you remember things better by just listening to it; well get a tape recorder or any other device that records. Recording device are a great way to remember stuff, and it a lot more funnier because you play with technology. Recording devices come in different forms like a talk back watch, a tape recorder, and your cell phone has a recorder (well some people do). That only some example I name; there is a lot more. Some people are good listener, but some people are good readers. So listener will use the recording devices and readers use the notepad.

   A schedule maker

  A schedule maker is not a memory devices that could help you remember every single thing like the notepad and tape recorder. It a tool that helps you remember the daily activity you do during the day. It also helps you get organize. This is really helpful because everybody have trouble organizing their day and that where the schedule maker comes in. You could make a schedule your self or use Microsoft excel to make your schedule. Even better, go buy a software that is suppose to make and organize a schedule for you.

That all the tools I have for you so far; there will be more.

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