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  Do you want to be a better learner? Here is a free study guide I created for you? So whenever you want to become a better learner. Read below to see how.

  So what are so ways to become a better learner and also have better memory. One way to learn something easier is to learn not so much. People choose to learn so many things at once and when the next day come they only remember 10% of what they learn. This is not good for you brain, your mind could only learn a few things at a time unless you have a photographic mind ( will that be awesome). So lets say you have a reading assignment that is due two days from now. Sorry let me rephrase that, I mean you have a reading assignment on Wednesday and is due Friday (sound a little better). This reading assignment is 30 pages long. Now you are wondering how can you finish reading these thirty page in two days.

  So you are trying to read all it in one day to get over with it, which is not a good idea. I try to do that and I was in a state of information overload. It was ridiculous and I could not remember a thing. If I remember something, it will be for the wrong thing. Like for example I will write 2+2= 5 and 2+3=4 (I know that was a stupid example, but you get the point.) It likes having a disorganize mind. So are what are ways to improve your time for study, well you could read 15 pages one day and 15 pages the other day because you have 2 days to do this. You could also read 7 ½ at the beginning of the day, then give your stuff a couple hours break and do the other 7 ½ later through that day. You just read 15 pages and now do the same for tomorrow. I think the second choice was better than the first choice. Less pages and more organize. There many ways to split your reading or study time through the day, just do not do it all at once.

  Never do things at the last minute. Doing things at the last minute will destroys your grade. Believe me I experience this hundred of time and it wasn't pretty. The subject I usually do at the last minute is English and math. The reason I do English at the last minute because it so freaky boring and difficult ( I still stuck a little in English today). The reason I do math at the last minute because it so freaky easy and fun. So doing things at the last minute could be good and bad, but it always best to get over with it.

  You really do not want to do things at the last minute anyway because you will have the one thing to do and you will say that you will do it later. Then you will have another thing you must do, and you will say that you will do that later. Then it will keep going and going and going until you have a whole list of things to do. You will be so frustrated, and eventually you will say forget about it. We all do not want that to happen because if it does, your chance of failing classes double. So whatever plans you have today or tonight, put that on the side. Studying for school comes first, unless you do not mind failing classes.

  I know school work could be boring stuff and it not even worth looking at, but you need it to have a future. Need more free study guide information, so how about making your studying more fun. Well make it to a game, every time you study and you remember 5-10 times, you give yourself a treat. Sound pretty fun, you cannot play this alone, but you probably will not do too well because it will be pretty hard to holds that bag of candy away from you. So you probably will need somebody else to holds that bag of candy and reward you.

  The game is not too difficult, all you need to do is to study the school work and remember a term 5-10 and if you do, you will get a candy. Try to keep the reward small because if you get too much candy, you probably will not study anymore because you busy eating candy. If you get small amounts, then you will want so more and will try harder. You could also make this game harder by giving a time limit and each time the time goes lower, you take one candy from the person. This technique will give the person the ability to study faster and increase concentration.

I hope you enjoy my free study guide and I will make a part 2 to this free study guide.

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