Foreign Music

Improve Studying With Different Music

   Listening to foreign music while studying is a lot more comfortable then listening to music that is song by the language you speak. So what I mean by that? If you listen to a song that is song in French, your chance of distraction is less likely than a song you are listening to is English. This is my opinion and I going to explain why.

   When you listen to music that is your language, you listen to a bunch of words that you are aware of. Those words can distract you in many ways. Let say you are reading a book while listening to music of your language, you will probably start saying the words in the song, instead of reading the page. That will eventually get frustrated and will make you want to cut the music off. Listen to music by your language is the same thing as having no head phone, but you are in a noisy environment.

   So what about foreign music. This music is a whole different story. You see when you listen to this music, you don't know what it saying or what it mean. So that causes you to ignore the word and listen to the sound of it. When you read a book, you won't have other words going in your head, you will just heard sound entering your ear. The only word you will be saying is the words in your book.

   This technique works pretty well for me and it didn't fail yet. How did I know it work? Well one time I was listening to Japanese music and I was able to do my homework faster than doing homework with no music. I try it again and it work again. I try listening to English music because that my original languages and was harder to study or read or write something down because of the distraction.

   Listening to other types of music other than music of your own language made not work for everyone, but you should give it a try when studying.

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