What is this herb

  What is so great about Brahmi herb? It like increase your memory, totally. This herbs is found in India and also found in China, Napal, and in Florida state of US. This herb is know as the Ayurvedic medicine. Here are a list of things that researches say what this herb could do:

  • Improve intellect
  • Solve urinary problems
  • Could help you adapt to new places
  • Increase you cognitive skills
  • It could also help cleanse your blood
  • There also has been research that it is an anti-carcinogenic (fight against cancer)

What do people use this herb for?

  • They use it to stop Dandruff and make hair stronger
  • It helps you avoid hair loss
  • It helps prevent insomnia
  • It also improves your mentality and improve people with mental problems
  • It also helps treat Syphilis sores
  This herb also help people stay alert, which is good to take before test taking. Its also help you stay mentally calm and relax. It also been said that it could prevent and treat mental problems such as amnesia and Alzhemier's. This herb increases your concentration, so you could focus on a subject without being distracted.

  They also give this herb to patience who suffer from insomia. The herb helps the patience relieve from stress and make them feel good. If you have problems with anxiety and mental exhaustion, then you should take this herb because it helps in these field too.

What is the herb dosage?

  You should take 100mg to 300mg of the herb a day, but everybody is different. So please go contact a doctor for assistance.

What is the side-effects of this memory tool?

  The herbs has a few side-effects such as nausea, dry mouth, and fatigue.

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