What is l-theanine

   What is the l-theanine? It an amino acid found in tea. It is the second most consume drink in the world.

Here a list of things it does to you:

  • It supposes to reduce mental and physical stress.

  • It also improves your cognitive and keep your mood in a safe level.

  • This tea causes you to enter a state of relaxation.

  • It increases the amount of alpha brain waves in your brain, which causes relaxation.

  • It also increases the formation of GABA, then GABA activate two other neurotransmitter known as dopamine and serotonin, which increases the relaxation.

  • It also improves your memory

  • Increase your ability to learn something new.

  • L-theanine also fight against cancer

  • Improve immune system

  • Fight against anxiety

What is the dosage of this supplement?

   The maximum dosage of the supplement is 1200 mg a day, but there no real maximum dosage of this supplement because of research. 1200mg a day is just a safe number so far.

A single dosage should be from 200mg to 250 mg.

If you are experiencing any side-effect from the supplement, go lower down the dosage.

Do L-theanine has any side-effects?

The size effect are not that bad, you just get headaches and dizziness.


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