Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian Hypnosis Facts

   New level of hypnosis, more superior than traditional hypnosis, its is known as Ericksonian Hypnosis. That form of hypnosis was created by a hypnotherapist known as Dr. Milton H.Erickson. What is this Hypnosis all about? It is a form of hypnosis that deal with the use of small stories call metaphors to give messages to the unconscious mind. Its technique was looked at as tool to eliminate blockage and resistance to thing which was controlled by the conscious mind. This form of hypnosis is broken up into three techniques known as isomorphic metaphors, embedded command and process instructions. Lets me explain what each of these techniques do.

   The isomorphic metaphors are tools that give commands to the unconscious mind during the story-telling phase. It reaches in and affects the morals and values of the being.

   The embedded command techniques make use of stories that are similar to the situation the patient are in. That actually lead the patient to be more interesting in the stories causing him or her to be distracted easily from the conscious mind. These techniques have hidden commands that will enter the unconscious mind of the patient as the story goes on.

   Lastly, the process instruction technique enters to the patient unconscious mind by guiding him/her with a story that relates to a suitable level of learning experience that the person had in the past. In the end the choices and attitudes will guide the person to end their problem.

How does this improve your memory?

   This form of Hypnosis improve memory better than traditional Hypnosis because it goes right through the blockage and resistance that was controlled by the conscious mind. The traditional hypnosis are direct commands and us people don't listen to direct commands without question. Ericksonian technique on the other hand created stories with many options and reasoning, so its pretty difficult for the conscious mind to block it out.

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