Human Computer Interaction

Computers vs. Humans and understanding human computer interaction

  Have you ever have any thought human computer interaction or thought that the human mind is similar to a computer? What did I mean by that? The computer and the human mind both have capacity. They both have "memory". The only difference between both of them are that one thinks for themselves and other don't. The human think for himself or herself and the computer don't think itself.

  The computer is also similar to us in memory clutters. What's a memory clutter? My definition of a memory clutter is a very messy and disorganize memory. If we have too much information in our head and these informations is a bunch of random stuff, we will forget about 80% of it. I experience that myself. I am a type of person who like learning lots of things, but I was impatience (still a little impatience today) and rush through my learning and end with a lot of information in head that I had learned. The sad part is I don't even know which information goes with what information at that time. If you don't have an organize mind, it will be very hard to remember stuff.

  The computer also of the same problem as the human mind with memory clutters. If the computer has memory problems or clutters, it will start to move slowly or crash. Why does this happen? This happens because the computer tried to retrieve the information that you want it to get, but there are so many informations that the computer have to look up to get to that particular information. The bad part is that most of the information the computer goes by is information that the computer don't recognize. Some bad information the computer won't recognize is broken files or left over files from an uninstall application.

  So how do they fix the computer memory? They use registry cleaners. What are registry cleaners? A registry cleaner is a tool that cleans out the computer. It like a computer version of a mind improvement tool. Registry cleaners could make computers think faster once again.

  How does the human mind be clean out? Well we don't have a registry software to plug into our head, but that doesn't mean we can't organize our mind. So what are ways to organize our mind? There are ways and tools to organize our mind like using methods such as hypnosis, Nuero Linguistic Programming, and Mediatation. There are more to this, but I am just using a few examples. Human also have their own registry cleaners like a computer.

  Now you know some human computer interaction information. That all for today, see you at my next blog.

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