Facts About Vitamin a

Vitamin a

What is vitamin a, it a fat-soluble vitamin? This vitamin contains four important functions:

  • Make cells reproduce normally(if they don't, this could develop cancer cells)
  • It helps your vision
  • Needed to for growth of fetus and development of the embryo and fetus
  • Support the development system such as development of sperm and ovaries.
  • Vitamin also support healthy skin
  • Also increases memory
What is the daily requirement for vitamin a?
The daily requirement for vitamin a is 5000IU.

What is the overdose of vitamin a?
It can cause birth defects ( according to research when taken 10,000-40,000).

What happens when you deficiency in this vitamin?

  • Children who lack vitamin a may get visual impairment and blindness
  • May get measles
  • Pregnant woman may night blindness
What are the types of food have vitamin a?
  • Cod liver oil
  • Egg Yolks
  • Butter
  • Raw
  • Whole milk

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