Meditation Room Design

Best Room Design for Meditation

What could be a good meditation room design?

  Hmm, Well a good meditation environment do need a place to sit at, that is not too comfortable or you might fall asleep. Try sitting on carpet or your bed. Don't sit on your bed if it too comfortable. You could also sit on a chair too, just make sure it not too comfortable. You could also sit outside too, siting outside with nature is a great place to meditate. Sometimes siting outside could be better than sitting inside a place whiling mediating. While you are outside on a cool day, you could feel that cool breeze rubbing on your face. If you going to meditate outside, just don't meditate in the city. There are way too many noises in the city.

What type of noise can we allow during meditation?

  Hmm, well some people meditate with no noise and some with sound. For those who need sounds to meditate, try meditating outside because the outside has lots of great relaxing sounds. What is the best place to meditate outside for relaxing sounds? Well we know it is not in the city because it too many uncomfortable sounds like cars noise, crazy screaming people, and“business”. Try to meditate near a pond or a waterfall(if these places are close to where you live at.) Don't travel across the state to find a places to meditate at. For those who choose to mediate near the water fall, don't be too close because it can get quite noisy and a little chilly. You could meditate near a grass field or woods too. Listening to bird sounds could also be relaxing. People think birds sound are annoying, but a person with a very strong mind knows it not truth. Bird usually don't make random sounds, if you listen to them, there is a repeating sound they make. Repeating sounds are more better to meditate with than random sounds. There are plenty of relaxing sounds around the environment, you just have to find them.

  You could also listen to meditation music. Meditation music is very relaxing and calm. My favorite genre of meditation music is trance because some trance music has repeating beats that could put you into deep relaxation. Don't just stick with trance, there are plenty of genre that you should checkout. You might like something different.

What kind of environment temperature for meditation room design?

  The temperature is actually up to you. What ever temperature is comfortable for you. Some people like hot temperature and some people like cold temperature. I prefer a warm temperature because it comfortable for me. Sometimes I like cool temperature, I actually like cool temperature more than warm because I like the cool breeze around me.

Should I meditate in groups?

  If you are a person with social problems or anxiety; I advise you to stay to yourself, until you get help. If you like being around people then go for it. Some people like meditating around other people because it more comfortable and you could get assistance. For people with anxiety, you could use meditation to relive that anxiety and become a better person leading you to meditate among groups. It just take time to use mediation to fight severe states like that. You could also met a therapist for your condition

  These are the type of things you should expect to have in order to have a decent meditation room design. I will add more this soon because there is a lot more you need to know.

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