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  What is this game frozen bubble all about? It is a game that deals with accuracy and eye coordination skills. The game is not too difficult, but will get harder as levels go by. The goal of this game is to match three or more of the same colors to destroy the group of balls. What I mean by that is if there are two blue balls, you must match with another blue ball to destroy the group. The game also start you out with three lives.

  How can we match the balls with each other? There is a tool you control, which shoots balls out and the color of the ball that you will like to shot is randomly chosen. The screen has balls to shoots at and your goal is to shot the ball to a matching color that on the screen with that tool. Its that simple.

What are the controls?

  The controls are the left, right, and up keys. The left key is used to rotate the shooting tool left. The right key is used to turn the tool right. The up key is used to shoot the color ball to a ball that on the screen with the matching color.

Does this game get harder?

  Yeah it does, the colors pattern become more complex. The complexity makes it more difficult to hit the matching color. The game speed also increases. Oh yeah you also have a little timer for each ball you shoot, so try to not take too long on finding a spot to shoot

  When I started playing this game, I was able to make it up to level 16. I know I could have done far better, but see if you could beat this level. This game also doesn't has a score system (may be I can't find it), so I use levels as my challenge for you. The higher the level, the better you are.

Have fun with the game.

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