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  I have been thinking of a new website idea for this website and I was thinking of doing some changes. I wanted to make this website become a self-help website, instead of a memory improvement site. I was also thinking about giving out free screen savers because I know how to make them. I will explain more of that in the next blog. I might start to changes the domain names, but that will happen later. I will also starts to give out free self-help e-books every once a while.

  For one of my website idea starting next week(hopefully), I will be starting a free screen saver services. The service will allow up to 15 pictures. So here hows its works. If you want a screen saver be made for you free, you will have to look for pictures on the web or gets some pictures on your own. If you gets some pictures on the web, please make sure the images are public domain or copyright is expire. What is public domain? It means copyrights on a product is expire or it never had copyrights to start out with. What can you do with those material? You could keep it to your self, distribute to others, or make projects with it. I decide to use it make free screen saver for you guys. You could also look up public domain music and add it to your screen savers. You could add up to 5 music per screen saver.

  You could also uses royal free music and royal free pictures, just please check the copyrights of those products. When you find the stuff you need, you don't need to download the stuff and send it to me. You just need to send me the links to those websites that have the music or pictures. For those who are having trouble looking for public domain images or music, don't you worry, I will have a section on this website that will list some website that gives out public domain stuff. I will also have a section where you could send me the website links. If you are using personal images or pictures, please don't give me images that you don't want everyone to see. When you give me the images, I will make them into a screen saver and post it up on the web for everyone to download. If you are using personal images and you want everyone to see, please give me your name or nickname or your website( it really doesn't matter). The reason why I need those information because I want to give you credit for the personal images or personal music you gave me. I also want to make a video slide show to those images and music you give me, so people could have a look at the screen saver before they download it. For those who giving out there personal images or music, you have the right to say yes or no to this.

  Now for the videos which is another website idea, I will put up some videos such as cartoons, movies, and others stuff. There will also be a section for the videos too. I will also give out tips on self help, so you would not only see memory tips, but you also see self help tips. The self-help tips will be based on mental problems and other mental situation. Please don't allow the information I give you to be the primary source. Remember doctors are always primary source, doctors are a lot more experience than I am. My information is very relevant too because I had personal experience with these situations and help from others.

  I will be testing new website idea on this website, so don't let this get in your way of exploring. I will try to improve navigation, design, and others things to this website. I want this website to be very comfortable for you guys. I will also add a widget for this website, so if you want to tell your friends about this website, feel free to use this widget. Also if you check the game section you will see no description on how to play. I will also add information to that section too. There are plenty of things I am going to do on this website. I will also add a donate bar on the website, so if you want to support me, feel free. Your contribution and dedication to help me create this website will be great for me. I will provide rewards for certain amount of donations, but not now. There are lots of repairing for this site, so subscribed now(if you want). That ends my blog for today and you guys have a great day. I hope I will come up with more new website idea soon.

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