Thoughtless Mind

Avoiding A Childish Mind

Thinking before you act or avoiding having a thoughtless mind could save your life or time. You don't know how many times I have made a mistake of not thinking before I act. My mom always tell me to think before I act. Here are some tips of avoiding these mistake.

Who, what, when, where, why, and how- If a task is a task that is never done before or is too difficult, go ask yourself some question. Your question should be quite easy to think of and quick to answer. Your think of who in charge of the problem? The answer to this might be yourself or others. What is the problem? That could be you loss something like a key. When is the problem? Before I could answer that question, you need to know why you need to know when the problem started. Lets say an event cause you to back track on the problem date, that will be easy because you will know when the problem started or ended. The answer to this will be the time, such as Wednesday or 5:30 pm. Where is the problem? The answer to this might be your home or school. Why are you doing this? The answer to this might be you need it to open your closet door or it is a requirement. How to do this? The answer to this might be look under the bed or ask for help.

The next question is where the problem? Like a store or a hospital. Why did the problem started? Like it was cause by a flood or argument. Lastly, how it started or how to do to it? That question usually answer your problem. The reason I want you answer all these because you never what event later on will cause you to ask these question. So it never hurt to be ahead of the game.

I know this may sound like a dozen of work, but it really not. As long you keep going with this format and practice, it will come to you automatically and thoughtless mind problem will disappear. This technique is usually use for big sitution or problems. It could be use for small situation too.

Another tactic is training to be aware every second. I know this seem impossible, but it not. Your brain is capable of doing tons of things. You are only using 5% of it. Many people could do this like Bruce lee, kung-fu master, and even common people like you. This does look boring, but if you really look around you will see some interesting stuff you never seen before. Just give yourself a reason to look around, tale those head phones off and listen to those nature songs or noisy cars or planes or even people. You should get your eyes out that phone and stop texting. Just look around and see what you missing.

Do you know how many people get rob, every year because they walk like there nothing around them. If you are aware of your environment, your chance of getting gang up, getting a surprise hit, or rob is lessen. Another technique is eating right. If you eat the right nutrition, you don't have to try too hard to focus. It will be a lot easier to think.

Now you know some ways to avoid having a thoughtless mind.

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