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   Hey guys I just add a comments box to most of my pages to my website. Please write smart comment, intead of a useless one. You have the rights to talk about anything as long its related to the topic and is more than three words. You could also allow links to your website too, but if your post is too short or not relevant enough I will delete it. I not really that strict on the commenting, so some of you might get slide in, if it not too bad. Please don't put comments such as “good post” or “I agree”. If I see that, I will instantly delete that in a light speed(well maybe not that fast).

  When you comment, it will not come instantly on the page, it will be manually moderated by myself. Also your comment are not allow to contain any violent words. I don't want to see any prejudice or racism. Your comments can't related to hating anyone or taking about beating someone.

  You could also ask question on the comments. I will be glad to help you, but if you have a long question to be answer, please go to the “Do You Need Help” Tab. This tab allow larger question base on self improvement. If you still ask the question at that section, I will still be happier to answer it.

  If you choose to put links with your comment, please don't put links that will go to any porn sites. Porn sites are no good and will only make my site look bad. Also please don't put any gambling sites on the comments because they are no good deal. Pay per click or pay per install or survey or any programs that deals with ads are not allow.

  Here a few more things about this comment system, these are not rules. This comment system allows you to follow conversation. It also allows you to post comments on your face book or twitter. Well that is all today, this page might update, so return to this page every once in a while to check for updates. Happy commenting.

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