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  You retire from your job, you want to live a great life don't bother to think about problems of old age people. The first thing that probably comes to mind is to have a great time with your family, which is great. You probably want to take them to cool places like amusement parks, eat at a restrauraut, or go see a major event. All that stuff is great and exciting, but there is something that you are missing. What could that be? Well if you want to learn a greater liftstyle, will you like to live a healthier one too. I pretty sure everyone does. The more longer your lifestyle, the more fun you have. Sound great huh, well here some tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

Stop eating in fast food restrarauts- It’s made sound crazy, but I know people who eats in fast food restraraut everyday of there life, and this is a bad problems of old age people. To make that worse, people eat in the fast food restrauraut twice a day. This is not good for the body or the mind. Fast food does taste great, but it brings in damage to your health that not even close worth eating that nasty food. These could give all kind of crazy stuff such as cancer, heart attacks, your mental skills also gets damage, and make gain large amount of weight. I use to cook fast food and see how fast food is made. It digusted me, and I really wish you could stop. Here are some tips in eating a more healthier life. You could a granola bar, a turkey sandwich, and even a pop tart is great. If you are planning to eat some meat, turkey meat is so far the cleanest meat I know so far. Eating fruits and vegetables are even better than eating all those potatoes chips and cookies.

Get your butt up and exercise- I know you are old and retire. You probably think retire means that you have the rights to chill and do nothing, WRONG! You maybe done with work, but your body is not. If it stop, you stop….COMPLETELY! So in order to keep your body in shape, you need to exercise. Lack of exercises is another problems of old age people A good thirty minutes walk will do great in many ways. Here are some examples on how it could be supporting; your cardio health increase, your brain is receiving the right oxygen, you are losing weight, and is getting those thigh muscles into shape. Walking could also help you relieve some stess, and think about stuff. Hey you are not limit to walking, there are plenty of stuff you could do like push-up and sit-up. You just got to get your butt up and go.

Go learn something- Hey buddy listen here, did you know that if you don’t put your brain into walk, you chance of getting alzhemiers increases. Alzhemiers is a big problem of problems of old age people. Sounds terrible, but relax, if you are learning something new every day or just keeping your mind active you will be fine. You also need to stay away from that television because that rots your brain quick. Do you know what could be better than watching television? Going outside is better than watching television because it right there, that is the best high definition you could. If you could prove me wrong, I call you a genius. You could also play daily games of scramble or chess. These board could get exicting and improve your mental skills tremendously. You could read a book, it could be anything, such as fantasy, romance, or history.

Try to find more ways to make money- Since you are retire, that doesn’t mean you can’t find more ways to make money. You could start an garage sale, and earn lots of cash. You could sell your stuff on ebay and make make some more cash. Heh, you retire from a job, go show off your skills, and earn cash while doing it. You could also do some freelancer jobs online.

Stay away from drugs- I know this sounds repeating, and heard many times when you were young, but it still a bad problems of old age people. You know if you exercise; and eat right, but still do drugs, your health still decline. All this activity will be a waste of life, if you still do drugs. In my opinion drugs doesn’t destroy you in many ways, but in all ways. It could destroy you mentally, physically, sexually, and socially. You could lose all that because of drugs. Drugs such as cigarettes could give you cancer in throat and lungs. That just one drug, imagine what other thousand of drugs could do. So do your stuff a favorite and stop doing drugs. So what are ways to relieve stress with out drugs? You could exercise, meditate, and even use self hypnosis to take drug addiction out of you.

That all I have for you today, I will add more to this list later.

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