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Finding Friends With The Support of Memory

  Hey guys, having trouble looking for friends or an online friend finder? Well friend finding could be a difficult job or a easy one. There are many techniques and ways on finding new friends, you just got to do some experimenting or testing with the new things you learn. I going to give you hints on how to find friends with the support of memory. You see people with better memory tends to have more friends and I am going to tell you why? People with good memory usually remember the following:

  1.   Names- Another online friend finder tip is remembering your friends names. People forgets names all the time, so people don't really take this seriously. If you could remember somebody name and you do?, you make that person feel special. How could you make that person feel special? That is a easy question, the answer is that you show them that you care. How will you like to be call “yo”, “he”, or “that girl”? That doesn’t feel good, right? How will I know that calling people by there names increase friendship because I experience it. I remember when I used to have bad memory(still have a little), I will forget my friends name all the time. I know they will get frustrated because of this, but I had a bad memory problem. Nobody see it my way, they only see it their way and that sucks. If the world could see other people point of view and understand, it will be great. So instead of people recognizing your mental problem, try to fix it to avoid conflict. So now you know that better memory could get you more friends.
  2.   Talents or Skills- I know not most people think this way, but you really should expect this from a best friend relationship. If two people are best friends and none of them don't know each others talents, then we have a problems. Knowing people skills make people feel better about themselves because they have somebody to recognize theirs skills or talent. What's the point of having a talent and you have nobody to show it to? So if you want to have great friends, try to remember their skill. This is not require; so relax, but it is require for a best friend relationship.
  3.   Special Moment or Events- Another online friend finder tip is remembering special moments with your friends. If you or your friends have a special moment to remember and you don't remember or she or he don't remember? That is not good, it's like forgetting the date of your marriage(well its not as severe as this, but you see what I am saying). You have to remember at least 75% of the awesome event because you will be putting your friends down, if you don't. For example: you and your friend went on a roller coaster ride. Then a few month later, you were ask what happen on that day, but you don't remember. How will your friend feel? They will feel kind of bad.
  If you are having troubles looking for friends. A great friend will be your own pet. Pets make good friends because they are loyal and always on your side. I have a pet dog and every time I come home, she will greet me and become very happy. Dogs also could recognize if you are in a bad mood, if you are? The dog will try to comfort you. There are many pets as awesome as dogs, you just got to look for them.

  Now you know that good memory get you more friends, try to improve your memory and remember stuff about your friends. I will provide more online friend finder tips on my other posts. If you are having troubles in memory improvement, go look around my website. There are plenty of ways to improve your memory. Wish you luck.

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