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Ninja or Nun

  What is this game all about? It a funny nun and ninja games. The game is pretty simple, so you have a bunch of ninjas and nuns on the screen, and your objection is to find a ninja within all those nuns. I know it sounds pretty easy, but it not. You see this game require a lot focusing with the eye and how long you could stay focus. The first couple of levels is pretty easy and then when it goes to level five, it gets more difficult. What does difficult mean in this game; take a look at the image below:

  The game levels also repeats, but with more ninja to find. For example when game levels restart, there will two ninjas to find and when game level repeat you will find three ninjas. It likes playing Donkey Kong, when game levels start over, it gets harder.

  Your game score is like a timer, the longer it takes to find the ninja within those nuns, the more points you will lose. You could lose so many points, that it will be in the negatives. It doesn't stop at zero, it goes even lower. So if you are trying to reach to 20000 points and your score is -4000; you have 24000 points to go.

What are the controls to this game?

  That pretty simple, all you have to use is the mouse. You just use the left mouse key to find the hidden ninja within the nuns and click on it.

Now you know how to play the game, try beating my highscore below.

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