Habit for Humanity

Improving Memories With Habits

   Do you realize how you develop habit for humanity? Well it does develop by repetition. Repetition is doing the same thing over and over. Many people have habits, and some people have habits that develop without even knowing. For example: if you wake every morning and hit your foot to a wall and constantly do it every morning? You will do that same every morning. Maybe that example didn’t make any sense, let try another. You wake in the morning and you started to tell your pet cat what dream you had. You continue to do this every morning until it becomes a habit. You probably have relative looking at you and saying “what’s wrong with this guy?” You can’t help it because it is a habit.

   Look at people who bite theirs nails because they are nervous. You don’t see everybody in the word biting theirs nail when they get nervous. People got their own way of doing things when they get nervous. So how these people developing nails biting habits? The reason why is because that became a habit for humanity. When those people first started to be nervous, they didn’t know how to hide it. Then later on they find out nails biting keep them calm. Eventually they started to do this all the time and it became a habit.

   I also have habits that could develop unconsciously. How do I know that? Sometime I will join a program online and that program will give me a password to the program. I will have to remember the password, so every time I log on I will have to look for the password in the file I save my password in. That a lot of time and gets annoying, but I kept logging on to this system over and over again, and eventually I was able to remember the 16 digit password by hard. It was great, and I didn’t even have to study the password. Well of course studying the password will been a lot faster, but I trying to prove to you that doing things over and over will cause you to master the thing you was doing.

   Here what I want you to do, go find something that interests you and do it. Go make a schedule to the activity and start doing it every day. Eventually that skill of yours will become a habit and will you will start to like. Then you probably start to do it more often and enjoy it. When you choose your topic, make should it’s a good one.

   Actually studying stuff is developing a habit because you are repeating stuff over and over to learn. What will be a great habit? A great habit will be gaining the habit of learning things. If you could gain that ability, you will be able to ace college, work, or anything.

   Well that all for today post, I might put up a list of ways to make things a habit for humanity in other posts. So be ready, and have a nice day.

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