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  What is this game about? Fowl words is a fun word game with chickens. At the beginning of the game you are given three bets. The three bets are the following:

  • If you guess 8 words, you get 1000 bonus points
  • If you guess 13 words, you get 3000 bonus points
  • If you guess 19 words, you get 10,000 bonus points
  Once you choose your bet, you will start the game. They will give you 7 random letters and each chicken is holding a letter. You must use these letters to think of new words with it. You will use the mouse to click on a letter to form a word. For example you will see random letters like "r, y, u, e, a, t, m,". If you look closely at the letters, you could make the word "rat". The reason that is true because there is a rat in the seven words I just give you. If those word was in the game, you will use the mouse to click on each letter to form the word "rat".

  The game also have a timer, so you have to find the words fast of you will lose. If you find as much words as you bet or more and timer goes out, you still win. You only lose if you don't find the amount of word you bet in the beginner. Once you win, you go to the next round.

  Also another thing about this game is that the amount of words you bet increase as go up a level. Like for example the minimum bet for the level is 8 words, but as you go around to level like level 3 or 4, its rise to 9. I remember at level 6 or 7, it rises to 11. So it gets harder on.

What does this game benefits:

  • It looks like a game for the right side of the brain
  • It will increase your thinking speed
  • You might learn new words, if most of your words are guessing words.
  • Your mind gain more creativity on words
  • What are ways that this game could support you in the real word
  • Taking a test
  • Reaction towards things

  Also by way try to beat my high score.

Chicken highscore

Hope you enjoy

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