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  What this game all about it? It a game about clicking on cubes and getting points. Sound simple right? Not really, this game is a lot harder than it looks. So let's see why this game so hard. Well the point of the game is to pop cubes and you will get points. The point system is weird, all I know is that if you pop more cubes you will get more points. Like for example if you click on 3 cubes at one time, you get some points, but if you click on 10 cubes at once you will get much more points.

  Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you

  So while you are clicking and popping cubes, there is an item on the right side of the screen that looks like this:

red bar   The red bar is a timer for an item, if the red bar is full, its will choose a random power up item for you.

  Here is the list of random power up items:

  If click on this item and rapidly click it, each time you click on it, each cube will change red , which is good because if you get like 30 of the same color and click it. You just popped 30 cubes at once, which is lots of points

  This item speed up game play

  This item slow down game play.

  There are a lot more items in the game as you procede your level. There are other items in the game that allow rapid clicking and some items that allow you to click once and you get the bonus.   Don't think that what all the game is about, the level get more faster, believe me.

  Okay now you know the game play and rules. Have fun playing with cube buster.

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