Fighting A Busy Mind

Avoiding Having A Wavy Mind

Having a busy mind could be destructive. So what is a wavy mind? A wavy mind is a mind that had many things to think of. People who usually have a wavy mind are people who are stress, goes through peer pressure, are in depression, suffering addiction, and people who studies a lot. There are more types of people like, but I am just naming some. So how can you avoid having a wavy mind?

When you do something, finish it- You don't know how many time I have screw up because I will do something or study something, and don't finish it. This causes me to have ton of stress, confusing situation, and frustration. One time I try to learn programming for video game development. I first try to learn C++, but it was too confusing, so I stop. Then I try to learn visual basic, and I did pretty well, but I didn't know how to make a game with it. Then I try to learn dark basic, it community sucks( there were only a few support back then, it probably changes now). Lastly I try to learn some ruby, and I did great. The only problem with that one, I had way too many stuff going on in mind, and I stop learning it. So if you going to learn something or plan to do something, make sure it is something you really want to do.

Don't watch too much television- Television could be a very bad addiction for some people. It could also brainwash you and cause you to have difficulty in thinking for example: if you are trying to study for an exam, you will have that same television episode keep popping up in your head. It will get annoying. Television also decreases attention span too.

Don't put more than you could handle- Putting more on yourself will cause more worries. I have done this before and I had information in my busy mind, and don't even know which one goes with what. Having more things you could handle could be stressful, time consuming, have relaxing time reduce to a minimal. You could also suffer lack of sleep because of the over load of work that you have to do.

Be socialize- People who don't socialize, or talk usually don't have nothing else to do, but think. I use to be a non-social person and still is a little non-social, I use to think about things all the time. I think about school, work, paying bills, helping my mom and dad out, and more. I just couldn't give myself a break, until I started to talk to people. So the more social you are, the less thinking you have to do. I not saying thinking is bad, I saying thinking on too much unfinished topics are bad. My lesson for you is to stick with one topic. When you finish, go on to the next one.

You need to meditate- Meditation relaxes your mind and organize it. It is a powerful method that most people don't use. Meditation could help you sleep better, increase attention, think better, relieve stress, and so much more. It could also help you fight that busy mind problem too, and put your mind into one topic. This method doesn’t come and get you better in a day. This method takes time, but once you master it. It will not fail you.

That all I have for you, until I experience new ways to fight a wavy mind.

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