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  What this game is all about? Alphattack is a fun game for people with serious keyword skill. This game is a killer. The idea of the game is to blow up bombs before it hit the ground and destroy the cities. How can you blow up bomb? You could blow up bombs by looking at the bomb and seeing what letter it say. Whatever letter is on the bomb, press that letter on the keyboard and that bomb will explode, but make you press it fast enough or you will lose some life or maybe lose a life or even worse "game over". For example: a bomb say "a" on it, press the "a" button on the keyboard and the bomb will explode. Simple as that.

So the game start you out with these stats:

  • Score- 0
  • Lives- 3
  • Bombs- 3
What does the bomb do?

  It explodes every single bomb on the screen. That why you only have 3, but you could get more as you advances levels.

  Also as the level goes up, so does the amount of bombs that is attacking city. Also the speed of the bombs increase too, so it could attack the city faster. When going to level 2 or 3 the bombs starts to change like for example: the bombs starts to get larger and cause more damages. They also have rotating bombs, which make it more difficult because you only see letter on the bomb for a short period and then you see again. There are many more bombs, I am going to leave that a surprise for you to figure out. Just to let you know they are more difficult than the ones I just mention.

Do you get bonus points?

  Yeah, there are letters that are falling to your town, but doesn't do no damage. If press the button on the keyword that is the same as the letter show on the screen you will get point or even an extra bomb.

Do you get bonus level?

  Yep, the bonus levels are level that require you to destroy all the bombs without missing one. If you succeed on that you get 10000 bonus points (may go higher if you advance level). If you don't get the perfect, you don't get the points. Simple as that.

What does this game benefits:

  • It looks like a game for the left side of the brain
  • It will increase your thinking speed
  • Hand flexibility and speed increase
  • You will be able to not look at the key board and still find keys (because this how extreme this game is)
  • Increases memory
  • Increase focus
What are ways that this game could support you in the real word
  • Awaresness toward things
  • Reaction towards things
  • Could help you get a job as a typist or transcriptionist
Also try to beat my high score

I hope you enjoy playing Alphattack

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